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Rituels - refined men's grooming

Sunday, June 21

The best man you know deserves the very best! Great men's grooming products that are as authentic as he is.

Triumph & Disaster

Styling clay


Sophisticated men's care that's made with natural ingredients and evokes old-fashioned values from simpler times.

Triumph & Disaster | Rituels | Simons

Homegrown Products

Quality men's care that's locally made with passion and commitment using effective natural ingredients.

New at Simons

This Canadian brand offers care products made of natural essential oils for putting the body and mind at ease.

Way of Will | Rituels | Simons

Our Best Sellers

Our Top Categories

The Australian Collection

The next generation of natural care: sophisticated, modern, and professional.

Grown Alchemist | Rituels | Simons

Because it's as easy on your skin as it is on the planet (and your bank account).

Why Is Traditional Shaving Better?

The Classics

The New Names On The Block

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