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Simons Maison - home fashion

Perfect Patio

The sun is warming up the air, inviting you to step outside and enjoy its glow. Answer its call and set up your relaxing outdoor space!

Simons Maison Exclusive

Beach vibes bamboo serving tray

Beach Vibes Bamboo Dinnerware Designed in our Studios Exclusively For Simons Maison


Our Latest Brand-Name Duvet Covers

On these masterpieces, sought-after colours and patterns combine to create an inspiring, relaxing atmosphere. Essenza, Kas Australia, Linen House, Vandyck...

Linen House

Desert exploration duvet cover set

Starting at

Flavourful Moments

Add a pinch of joy to your days spent at home by preparing delicious recipes and filling your kitchen with rich aromas.

Simons maison exclusive

Joy of cooking tablecloth

Starting at
Joy Of Cooking Tablecloth Designed in our Studios Exclusively for Simons Maison

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