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Le31 - modern men's fashion

Sunday, June 21

For the occasion: A bright and bold polo.

This smart jersey piqué is made from recycled S.Café® coffee grains. Equipped with quick-dry technology in addition to moisture and odour control, this polo is also an eco-friendly pick.


Paddy polo

Save 25%

The Polo

Key to every man's wardrobe, this essential is one to wear on repeat through every season.

Michael Kors

MK jersey polo

Save 40%

New Chinos

Redesigned in modern fits and improved with eco-friendly fabrics.

Le 31

Stretch organic cotton chinos

Stretch organic cotton chinos at Le 31 at Simons

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In-Demand Urban Brands

Our Best Sellers

Available exclusively in Canada at Simons

A bold personality, friendly attitude,
and timeless look... Surf the infinite
shades of this Italian brand.

Shop the collection Shop the collection

Solar Flair

Get a glimpse of our round, retro sunnies with colour-tinted lenses for a look that's vacation-ready.

Le 31

Bennie round sunglasses


By Simons

If you're looking for avant-garde options or timeless soles, slip on the style and high-quality construction of our exclusive shoes.


Minimalist leather sneakers

Exclusive shoes for men by Simons

+ Calvin Klein Underwear, SAXX,
Champion, and more on promo!

Bamboo Underwear

Solid trunk

Save 30%
Bamboo Underwear solid bamboo rayon trunk for men at Le 31 at Simons
40 %

The comfort and refreshing feel of bamboo rayon boxers: nothing beats it!


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