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Underwear - masculine underwear & loungewear

Take a Moment

Minimalist loungewear for moments of comfort and getting into the right mindset.

Le 31

Finely striped lounge T-shirt

Save 40%
Le 31 men's essential lounge T-shirt at Simons

Brands on Promo: Up to 30% Off

To Each a Colourful Pair

Your new essentials that are super soft and made in Portugal. What colour will you choose?

Le 31 men's cotton socks made in Portugal at Simons
Le 31

Cotton jersey socks


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Good To Be Home

To add an extra layer to your comfort, slip on this soft, minimalist quilted robe.

Men's Quilted robe by Le 31 at Simons

Great Grooming

Take some time for yourself with our selection of care products for your hair, beard, and body.

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