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Twik - Eclectic, trendy fashion

A sweet little something to brighten up your everyday.

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Over the Top(s)

Their popularity is through the roof. Their stylish details are above average. Their originality is reaching new heights. Trust us when we say, they'll take your looks to the top.

Twik Exclusive

Ribbed off-the-shoulder cropped tee

Twik Exclusive

Natural-button linen cami


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Shirts at Twik


Bright colours are coming together to give your morale a boost. Wear the ones that make you feel good.

Coloured Blouses at Simons

Keep It Light

Cover up with our coats made of crispy nylon, soft denim, waterproof canvas...

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Spring Coats at Twik

Brands: All-New Just For You

Share your looks with us using the hashtag #twik for the chance to be featured on our platform!

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