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Simons Vision

Redefining Sustainable Fashion

We've redesigned the model of our environmental philosophy to create a space where our sustainable actions and initiatives can be highlighted and influence what has built our identity: style, accessibility, and service.

We've come a long way since 1840! The years have passed and seasons have gone by. Our values have remained strong and our ambitions have continued to evolve with the needs of our time, but most importantly, with your needs.

To measure up to today's challenges and those of the coming decades, Vision is founding its objectives on two key pillars:



By 2025,
we are making
a commitment to:

Replace 100% of our most commonly used conventional materials with their recycled or organic equivalents

Source 100% of our cellulosic fibres from sustainable wood sources or from next generation solutions containing recycled or agricultural residue

Use packaging made of recycled materials that is fully recyclable or compostable

Create a guide for the suppliers of our private labels outlining our environmentally responsible strategies for our entire supply chain

Our Sustainability Standards

The following standards will explain how a product's features meet Vision's requirements.

Shop with Vision Filters

Want to discover an assortment that's in line with your social and environmental values? Simons invites you to use our Vision Standards filters based on various sustainability criteria.

Spotlighting Sustainable Fashion

These garments made of organic cotton and linen are one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the artisanal skill of 8 Indigenous creators from communities across Canada through their prints, embroidery, appliqué, and beadwork.

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