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Miiyu par Simons - feminine lingerie and loungewear

Fine Fabrics

Take lounging to the next level. Light, fluid weaves and graceful details will help you welcome warmer weather.

Miiyu Exclusive

Embroidered scalloped cami

Embroidered scalloped cami for women by Miiyu at Simons

A sweet little something to brighten up your everyday.

Up to


40 %

Underwear at Reduced Prices

Our exclusive designs are on promotion! Save up to 30% on our bras, bralettes, and panties.

Women's underwear on sale

Our Top Categories

Our Best Sellers


Dreaming of comfort? Find it with our wireless bras and our delightful camis and panties made of cotton.

Comfy underwear for women at Miiyu

Summery Lingerie

Put our slips, bodysuits, and tank tops to work beneath your summer dresses for confidence and a flawless finishing touch.

Women's lingerie by Miiyu at Simons

Basics at Low Prices

Want a unique sleep set? Create your own by pairing our exclusive loungewear pieces together exactly how you'd like.

Loungewear for women by Miiyu at Simons

Panties on Promo

Freshen up your underwear drawer with our selection of comfy, colourful panties.

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